Ku de ta - Bali

Beach Clubs are a great way to spend a sunny, relaxing day in Bali. Order your favorite cocktail, a plate of food to share, sit back and enjoy the view. If you’re ever stuck on how to spend a day in Bali, heading to one of the beach clubs is a fantastic idea and there are a lot to choose from.

Even though there are plenty of beach clubs lining Bali’s shores but only a few really stand out from the rest. Most tend to be between Kuta and Canggu but if you venture a little further east, you won’t be disappointed. While some beach clubs are more family friendly while others cater to the array of young tourists packing Bali’s streets. Wherever you fit in, Bali beach clubs have you covered!

  • Ku De Ta

    While it’s practically ancient by Bali tourist standards this famed restaurant has been a go-to for travelers and locals since its opening in 2000. Its stunning beach view has been one of the main reasons it’s stayed at the forefront of Bali beach clubs, that along with its magnificent menu. A unique mix of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, Ku De Ta has everything from risotto to Angus steak and all at a reasonable price. While other beach clubs in the area focus more on cocktails and atmosphere Ku De Ta is for the traveler who loves a decadent meal with a world class view.

  • Potato Head

    If Ku De Ta is known for its delicious menu, Potato Head Beach Club is well known for its cocktails and youthful atmosphere. The first thing you will notice about Potato Head is its abstract architecture, panels of what looks like window shutters protect the street view of the club. Since Potato Head is super popular amongst foreign tourists (especially Australians) the level of security might shock you at first but it’s all just precautionary. There are plenty of seating and dining options available with lounges, picnic style seating, and dining tables as well as bar service, Potato Head has everything you could possibly need from a beach club.

  • Finns Beach Club

    Just north of Potato Head in neighboring Canggu is Finns Beach Club which has a unique surfing feel to it since it overlooks the surfing hot spot Pantai Berawa. Since it is such a surfing haven, Finns caters for their audience with nightly floodlights beaming onto the ocean so the super keen surfer can go all night long! Unlike a lot of beach clubs, Finns tends to be a bit more child and family friendly so feel free to bring the kids along for a fun filled day. Their menu is laid back with plenty of grazing and snack options with some local Indonesian favorites available like Nasi Goreng and Bihun Goreng. At night the club hosts events, parties and is definitely geared towards its younger audience.

  • Cocoon Beach Club

    With its idyllic Mediterranean style architecture nestled in tourist hub Seminyak, Cocoon beach club has become known for its menu and pool parties. While it is pretty much the opposite of traditional Balinese architecture Cocoon caters for tourists looking for comfort and style whilst on holiday. Its menu is a slew of western cuisine including steak and salads, whilst its cocktail menu resembled more of a Miami bar menu than Indonesian. Cocoon is proof that even when on the other side of the world, people want what feels natural to them and Cocoon provides that for them. With resident DJ’s and playing host to some of the biggest events on Bali’s social calendar, it’s no wonder Cocoon is one of the hottest beach clubs in Bali at the moment!

  • Komune Keramas Beach Club

    Situated on the east coast of Bali on the legendary surf break of Keramas, the Komune beach club also acts as a hotel and resort for customers. With a relaxed vibe that sets it apart from other Bali beach clubs, Komune has managed to really stand out in a saturated market. Whether you want to relax and watch the spectacular surf all day or prefer to spend your time wandering the vast organic gardens whilst sipping on sangria, Komune pretty much has it all! Their menu has plenty of Asian inspired options with little hints of Mexico poking through. While their prices might be a little steep in comparison to Potato Head or Finns, Komune makes up for it atmosphere and natural beauty.

So whether you are after a day of partying and pool hopping or simply taking in the atmosphere, the beach clubs of Bali are sure to impress. Keep up to date with the latest beach clubs in Bali as its ever-changing.

Bali’s Best Beach Clubs